• Haircuts (all styles)

  • Sanitary/hygienic trim

  • Baths (premium medicated and non-medicated shampoos/conditioners)

  • Full brush/comb out

  • Towel and hand blow dry

  • Ears cleaned/hair removal

  • Paw-dicure (nails trimmed and pads shaved)

  • Expression of the glands (dogs only)

  • Bandana/Bows

  • Colognes (upon request)


  • Nail grinding

  • Ear flush

  • De-shedding

  • De-matting

  • Flea and tick removal

  • Teeth brushing

  • Nail Paw-lish

The grooming options available to each dog will be determined by a number of factors. These include, but are not limited to, the dog’s condition, age, temperament, coat type, and breed, as well as the preferences of the individual owners. Once we see your dog in person, we can better determine what choices are available.


At Mobile Pet Spaws, we do not attempt to de-mat pets for longer than 15 minutes. Extensive and prolonged de-matting becomes painful for your pet. De-matting of younger pets tends to make them dislike grooming to the point where they become biters and may need to be muzzled or taken to a vet to be sedated. De-matting of elderly pets can be so stressful that it may jeopardize their health. For these reasons, if your pet cannot be de-matted within 15 minutes, we will recommend that it be shaved down.